Etiquette & Cancellation Policy

Prior to our engagement:
You are always welcome to reach me by email, text or through my contact form. If we are new to each other, please use the contact form or email the items that were requested in order for your screening to be completed. It is very important to both mine and your safety that all information requested is provided; a failure to provide any of the items required will result in your inquiry being unanswered. As i’m sure you can relate to, I receive a great deal of emails daily; as such, I ask that you allow me a 4-hour window within which to respond to you. The exception to this is any emails or text messages sent between the hours of 9pm and 9am; I do not respond to emails/messages sent during these hours unless previously arranged. I do not accept phone calls as I want to ensure that I am giving your inquiry my undivided and thoughtful attention and that is difficult to do while managing my emails.

Upon arrival:
When you arrive at my domicile, please place your donation on the table or somewhere easily visible. Always ensure that your donation is in an unsealed envelope prior to your arrival. I will gladly take your outerwear and/or briefcase/bag and invite you to freshen up. Toiletries will be provided for your convenience and once you are ready please make yourself comfortable.

It is important to have boundaries for the safety of us both. In order to fully focus on our encounter and feel confident that our encounter is risk free, I will decline and/or terminate any meeting if unprotected intercourse is requested and/or inquired about.

Following our initial introduction, please excuse yourself to shower. I will always ensure that I am freshly showered before your arrival and have any necessary items available for you to do the same. If you prefer, you are welcome to shower prior to arrival.

White Glove Service:
I take great pride in my appearance. As such, when I arrive to your location I will be well-groomed, freshly showered and tastefully dressed. Your donation should be placed in an unsealed envelope on a table or console, easily visible prior to my arrival. I will excuse myself briefly to freshen up and after that, I am all yours.

In the interest of discretion, please do not discuss donations with me. Donations are for my companionship only and confidentiality is always a guarantee. Any correspondence and screening information will always remain private and is not viewed by anyone other than myself. As a commitment to our privacy, all contact must be initiated by you unless you request otherwise. Remember: a lady does not argue, and a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell!

While I will always do my best to accommodate your requests as they arise, please provide a minimum of 1 week advance booking for Travel by Jazmine requests. Travel expenses including; airfare, upscale accommodations and ground transportation are your responsibility. Confirmation details for upscale accommodations and ground transportation are required in advance of our scheduled date. I prefer that you allow me to book my own flights by sending airfare and baggage fees via airline voucher. Failure to provide confirmations and/or vouchers may result in our date be canceled.

Deposits are made to safeguard our time, as such, I will not confirm our date until your deposit is received.

If you cancel an appointment, your donation will not be returned to you, but can be applied towards a later appointment within 60 days of your original appointment if you are local. If you are a delivered dining companion, it will be applied towards a later appointment within 90 days of your original appointment. Out of respect for my time and yours, 2 re-occurring cancellations will require payment in full* at booking. In the unlikely event that an emergency arises and I have to cancel our appointment, I will return your entire deposit or provide you the option to have it applied to a future appointment date.  

*A 25% deposit is required to reserve our date regardless of packages except in cases as mentioned above

I am available to be contacted via email, text or screening form. The more information you can provide me with, the better I am able to ensure that your needs are met. Screening forms that are partially or vaguely filled out will not be responded to. I require your legal name for screening and I always check your identification at our first meeting. While using the contact form found here is suggested, it is not required.

You are welcome to use me as a reference within 6 months of our last date. However, please notify me in advance of doing so so that I know to look out for the email. Please note, I only accept references from reputable companions that you have seen within the 6 month period from when you are providing the reference.

Coffee, Tea or Me

Our time together is important to me and as such, I want to ensure that we are both able to get everything we need from each other.

Jazmine Monroe

The Passionate Companion

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