Frequent Questions

Are the photos on your site really you?
Yes. I keep updated photographs on the site as I always want the most accurate representation of me available and I also love to showcase my personality through photos.

What is your schedule?
I keep an updated calendar with local (biweekly) & tour dates (bimonthly) to make our seeing each other an easy scheduling experience for us both.

Is in Incall available?
Yes, if necessary, I can provide upscale and safe locations.

Do you see women and couples?
Yes. It is important to note that I am always very selective and I do not accept every engagement I am offered. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your plans.

Do you enjoy what you do?
Absolutely. I am an excellent companion to men of sophisticated distinction and I am very well accomplished in creating moments and memories doing things we both enjoy.

Why do you request my personal information?
Your information is requested for my own safety during initial screening to establish a level of trust and to ensure that I am completely aware of who I will be meeting with. An unwillingness to comply with screening requests often indicates bad intentions and leads to me immediately declining any engagement suggested. Please remember that discretion is key and as such, I will never interfere with your personal life and I expect the same to be extended in return.

How do I contact you?
I can always be reached by email to answer your questions and address your interests. Alternatively, you can fill out my booking form and I will be in touch to discuss our arrangements. I am looking forward to hearing from you and can hardly wait to meet you!

Do you have reviews?
Yes. As is the case with many discreet ladies, I have a “No Graphic Reviews” policy because of legal reasons. There are legal issues associated with reviews that have caused me to reconsider the practice of revealing private details on public forums and I prefer to refrain from doing anything that would compromise the discretion that we both expect in our relationship.

What exactly do you offer?
I am a gentleman’s companion. I want our relationship to be memorable, stimulating and romantic. I am hoping that we will develop a genuine connection in which we look forward to seeing one another often and with eager anticipation.  


Do you accept tips or gifts?
While they are never required, the thoughtfulness and romance of them do make me feel special. If you would like to bring a gift; I adore bouquets of flowers, perfume, certificates for spa days, lingerie and shoes. I have included a short list of my favorite places to go when I want to spoil myself; feel free to refer to this list for inspiration. I am the perfect mix of quite petite and curvy, so I usually find shopping to be a bit difficult. If you have a desire to dress me, it may be best that you take me shopping with you so that we can ensure the perfect fit and I can look exactly the way you have imagined.

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Our time together is important to me and as such, I want to ensure that we are both able to get everything we need from each other.

Jazmine Monroe

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