Hello Lover, I am so glad that you have found me, I have been awaiting our introduction. Settle in and allow me to give you a little something to help you get comfortable. I am pleased that we are going to be getting to know each other better and I want to share with you a few things so that we can make the most of our time together. This space is ours for as long as you choose to stay here so I want to make sure you know where to find anything you may need.

One of the many reasons that we will be able to enjoy each other’s company so well is because I am very intuitive and will always be cognizant of your needs. Over here, I will tell you about me and what I am looking for in a gentleman like you. In this room, you’ll be able to see my passion for romance and my natural sensuality in photographs.

I encourage you to look around, visit every room and get familiar with me and what you can expect as well as what is required of you during our time together. So please, feel free to help yourself to anything you see here; you’re my guest and I want you to be at ease. I will slip into something a little more comfortable while you look around and prepare yourself for a passionate and sensual good time that is balanced with laughter and loveliness. See you soon!



Who Is Jazmine?

I am excited to get to know you better. I am sure that you are a gentleman of passionate tastes and exquisite distinction. Allow me to tell you a little about me.

Jazmine Monroe

The Passionate Companion

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