Coffee, Tea and Me

Our time together is important to me and as such, I want to ensure that we are both able to get everything we need from each other. I have carefully curated some time offerings that will accommodate your schedule and palette regardless of whether you are very busy and just require a moment of peace, are a couple who wants to connect with a new friend or you have a full day that you would like to use to get away from the world. Regardless of what your needs are, they can and will be met with a Jazmine experience.

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Coffee Packages

Imagine having a really hectic day and needing a one-on-one with someone who is going to listen to you and help alleviate the stresses of the day. Maybe you just need an after work drink, maybe you need a sounding board or maybe you just need a few hours to unwind. Allow me to replace the wear of any day with the passion of the twilight hour. Let my lips speak to all of your senses, my fingers soothe your skin and embrace ease your mind. These packages are much like a cup of good coffee, they’ll give you just what you need to keep going.

$500 (hr)
The Cocktail Hour

$800 (90mins)
The Perfect Conversation

$1000 (2hr)
The Seduction Sample

$1500 (3hr)
The Sweet Spot*

$2000 (4hr)
The Great Unwind*

$3000 (up to 8hr)
The Full Course*

*Dates lasting 3 hours or more must include a meal and/or period of socialized activity

Tea Packages

Drinks were wonderful and we’ve had an amazing connection. It was such a lovely experience that we would like to carry it into the morning. Maybe overnight turns into a full day of kissing, cuddling, romance and laughter. Before we know it, one day turns into two and we’re lost in a sweet escape. My fingers interlaced with yours, infusing your space with just the right amount of comfort and romance. Let me be the perfect beginning and end to your days. Not as quick of a fix as coffee, tea gives you time to savor, be satiated and socialize. 

$4000 (up to12hr overnight)
Sensual Sunrise

$5000 (For the day)
A Day in the Life

$8000 (2 days)
The Sweet Escape

Me Packages

Every now and then a table for two has an extra seat and you want someone of substance to fill it. We can have conversation that includes a perspective you may not usually be privy to. The conversation goes so well that it continues on and before we know it, the three of us are so well acquainted that we don’t want to leave each other’s company. Titillating conversation, mind-blowing chemistry and electric touch. This experience with stimulate you both and satisfy your cravings and curiosities. The excitement of coffee combined with the calm of tea is the perfect companion…me!

$800 (HR)
A Meeting of the Mind

$1500 (2HR)
Un, Deux, Trois

$2000 (3HR) 
Silent Partner

*Please note that all couples must be screened prior to accepting any engagements

**White glove  service is an additional $100 up to an hour of travel time.

Who is Jazmine?

I am excited to get to know you better. I am sure that you are a gentleman of passionate tastes and exquisite distinction. Allow me to tell you a little about me.

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