Travel by Jazmine

Traveling is something that I love and I’m fortunate enough to have traveled plenty throughout the US. I have yet to experience international travels and that is something I would love to share with someone like you. Some of the best things we enjoy are imported and I can assure you, after a long day of meetings, having me waiting for you in your suite will affirm that. I will bring everything you need to feel comfortable and create the comforts of a home away from home. Maybe you like your drink neat and ready upon your arrival or just someone beautiful waiting to help you out of your jacket after a long day. A sensual massage amidst dim lighting, kisses and caressing leading you into a deep sleep. The world is yours to imagine and mine to create for you. Travel by Jazmine brings the Jazmine experience to you.

The Refresher……….. 2500 (6HR)

The Layover……….. 3000 (8HR)

The Long Kiss Goodnight………..4000 (12HR overnights)

Important Package Notes:

  • Every lady needs her beauty rest. As such, a minimum of 8hrs of rest overnight is required so that I can be at my best for you the following day
  • We both require personal time. 2-4 hours of personal time daily for extended dates allows us both to take care of day-to-day things that we may have overlooked while enjoying each other’s company, such as returning calls, responding to emails or dashing to a quick meeting.
  • Travel expenses; including airfare, upscale accommodations and ground transportation is not included in the donation amount once I receive your 25% deposit I will then book my flight and add the total cost to your outstanding balance.

Coffee, Tea or Me

Our time together is important to me and as such, I want to ensure that we are both able to get everything we need from each other.

Jazmine Monroe

The Passionate Companion

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